finding the business in European security policy…
Hundreds of millions of euros for EU-funded homeland security space and defence research projects begin flowing to industry for the first time in 2007. Will your firm be among the players to benefit? Participants in these pre-competitive R&D projects will be ideally positioned for subsequent acquisition opportunities across the EU marketplace — the world’s largest.

The EU’s homeland security (HS) policy is evolving fast. Starting in 2007 it funds a huge range of pre-competitive, dual-use technology projects that include:
protection of critical infrastructure;
monitoring of Europe’s common external land and maritime borders;
pan-EU exchanges of data between police, judiciary and intelligence authorities;
space-based surveillance and detection;
civil-military emergency response networks against bio, chemical and nuclear threats.
All these are being tackled in close consultations with the private sector. While research projects are designed primarily to benefit Europe, non-EU participants are also eligible to participate. Players who know the stakes will have the bottom-line edge as European authorities implement these goals.

Yet EU policy-making is complex. Helping companies without a presence in Brussels to stay on top of events—and ahead of the competition for research funding—is SecEUR’s purpose.

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