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What to Know About Hiring Compensation Lawyer

Compensation benefits are meant to provide you medical benefits and money when you suffer injuries or disability on-the-job. Although you will want to handle the case on your own, you are likely not to get the compensation you deserve without hiring a qualified compensation lawyer. These are some of the top reasons to consider hiring compensation attorneys.

Time Limits

If you are planning to ask for benefits or make changes to benefits you are receiving, the law has strict limits on how you should do it. Unfortunately, like most workers, you may not be aware of these at all and insurance company does not have to give warnings about the benefits being cut off because you failed to claim something within the statute of limitations or time limits. Schofield King Lawyers ensure your claims are filed within the required time limits. In this way, your benefits are protected.

Overlapping Benefits

Considering the situation, some people receive compensation benefits and still receive non-compensation benefits. Non-worker’s compensation benefits include long-term disability, social security, unemployment, and short-term disability. All these can affect the worker’s compensation benefits and claims. If you are interested in other non-workers’ compensation benefits, then you should apply for them. It is advisable to consult your lawyer to ensure you get a good outcome.

Workers Compensation Hearing

A lot of people try to go to the hearing alone. This is not recommended as most injured workers do not understand the law, and they are not sure what they should expect. For instance, you may not be aware of the evidence you should present during a hearing to win your case. Testifying what you have been through and the pain you have suffered cannot be of help. Ideally, you require proper evidence. If you go for hearing without an experienced attorney, you are likely to lose your case.


Are you aware that the criterion is used by the insurance company to determine your compensation? The truth is that your answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, the insurance company relies on this. This is the reason they like settling claims for less than what you deserve. In this way, the insurance company will keep more money in the pocket. This is a common and unfortunate reality.

Although not every case requires a lawyer, in most instances, you will need one. If you have been injured, you should seek the services of a qualified attorney.