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Starting in 2007, the EU begins spending more than €200 million per year for homeland security and space-related dual-use research projects. This is the first time it is entering this area of research funding.

But getting a clear picture of current and forthcoming EU policy developments is no simple matter. Aside from the challenge of tracking 25 national political positions, there is the complexity of the EU’s own legislative machinery, split among its three decision-making branches.

Policy formulation in this environment can be obscure to the point of impenetrability. Moreover, public information in Brussels—like that in Washington and other political capitals—is often outdated or incomplete by the time it’s made available. It is no basis for strategic business decisions. Stakeholders need timely, insider policy intelligence.

SecEUR’s publication, SECURITY EUROPE, offers this. Enabling homeland security providers and other stakeholders to develop actionable business plans and identify opportunities across the EU’s complex decision-making in homeland security is our purpose.

Starting in January 2007, we report each month on European HS developments: what’s at play, who’s doing it and what’s coming up…especially in the field of research and technology policy.

Why should you care? Because there will be numerous economic opportunities—literally hundreds of EU homeland security research projects—for EU and non-EU participants alike.

The EU money will be spent on technologies to support four broad missions:

border security
protection of critical infrastructure
crisis management
These pre-competitive, projects will vary from small single-technology efforts to complex flagship industrial consortia with research budgets as high as €50 million. Critically, they will be defined with the ultimate buyers in mind—Europe’s governments.

Distributed electronically, SECURITY EUROPE will keep you up to date with news, analysis and interviews with decision-makers involved in European and transatlantic homeland security…and thus where your firm, sector or organization comes into the picture.

And it is reasonably priced so that all companies—large or small—as well as public authorities, think tanks and other non-profit players can stay inside the information loop.

European homeland security is destined to become a very substantial market in the coming years. Get on board—with detailed, up-to-date business intelligence about the opportunities in your sector.

Subscribe to SECURITY EUROPE and you’ll know what’s coming…and how to react.