About us

Located in Brussels, SecEUR specialises in providing up-to-date information and analysis on EU and NATO homeland security policy developments and their impact on public and private players. We pay special attention to the EU’s rapidly expanding support for dual-use technologies and homeland security (HS) research objectives, and what these mean for business, government and other stakeholders.

Substantial annual EU funding for homeland security research and technology gets off the ground in 2007, for example. (See ‘Did you know?’ on home page) There will be diverse research and post-research market opportunities in homeland security for all players, large and small.

This is new policy terrain for the Union. Extracting useful meaning from it requires a careful understanding of how the EU’s complex homeland security machinery works and where it is headed.

To protect its citizens against terrorist attack and other threats, Europe must encourage development of the best technologies. Public stakeholders must know which HS decisions, best practices and standards are emerging in Europe—and where the technologies are. Market stakeholders need to know when and where the business opportunities materialise as the 25 EU governments coordinate their policy and spending in this area.

SecEUR firmly believes that homeland security capabilities must flow as freely as possible among all concerned actors, in both directions across the Atlantic. This is the only way to guarantee the security of Europe and its allies.

That is not simply good business sense: it is preparing a safe future for our children and theirs to follow.