A Guide to Choosing the Best Oil Field Injury Lawyer


There is an increased demand for gas and oil in the economy today. What many people do not acknowledge is that the people who are working in oil and gas stations and they are facing severe gas risks and oil field accidents. When the right policies and maintenance procedures are not taken seriously, it is the employees who suffer.

Common Oil Filed Injuries

  • Exposure to toxic compounds. Workers in the oil fields are faced with the dangers of radiation, contaminations and oil spillages. Injuries from toxic exposure may last for a month while others change the lives of the affected forever. Some of the common health complications include; cancer, dizziness, and headaches, asthma, burns, and lung damage.
  • Collapsed decks. A simple thing like a loose bolt can result in the collapsing of decks and rigs leaving the workers with head injuries, broken bones and more.
  • Collisions. This is another leading cause of accidents, and they happen during the transportation of workers from one location to the other and especially in the remote areas.
  • Fires and explosions. There are flammable vapors in the fields and things like frictions, open fires, cigarettes, welding tools, and hot surfaces could result in explosions. When a fire happens in the oil mines, workers suffer severe burns and some die.

Why Seek the Help of an Oil Field Injury Attorney

When the above and other accidents happen in the field mines, people are injured, and sometimes they are not well compensated. The injured person might be the only breadwinner in his family, and the fact that he cannot work anymore puts the family at a disadvantaged position. If you have been involved in such an accident and your employer is not cooperative, you need to seek legal help and hence the need for an oil field attorney.

How to Choose the Right Attorney


Experience is among the most important things you should look at in search of an oil field injury attorney. Note that, being qualified as a lawyer does not mean that you have handled all areas of law. If you choose a lawyer who does not understand the field, you are likely to lose the case or get minimal compensation.


In compensation cases, a lawyer is paid after the compensation is done. This means that you should hire a lawyer with enough resources otherwise they will make the process more complicated.

Free consultation

Many personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. During the consultation, the lawyer should look at your case, and you should have the chance to evaluate their services. It is important to work with a lawyer whom you connect with. In addition to that, they should be actively listening and asking questions to understand your case better.